The Years Of Quality Control 1988 - 1999 - The Phantom Surfers (America)

Label:V8 Records
Highlights:The Hearse/El Aguila
Klingons Vs Daleks
Move It
Poison Clam

Rating: 7/10

The Years Of Quality Control 1988-1999 is a compilation of various singles, album tracks and rarities released by the Phantom Surfers over the last ten or so years. Virtually all of the songs are authentic surf instrumentals and the few that have vocals aren?t even worth talking about (they?re deliberately terrible). Dressed in masks to hide their identity, it is quite obvious that the Phantom Surfers don?t take themselves too seriously; a claim backed up by such tracks as Klingons Vs Daleks and their ridiculous cover of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport. I don?t mind listening to surf music now and again but I can?t see anyone except the most ardent of surf fans enjoying this album as the sound if rather thin and poorly recorded (although I?m hoping that it?s just that the record is poorly pressed). If it is any consolation, The Phantom Surfers more recent material is an improvement on their earlier work, meaning that I?m still curious to investigate their more recent albums.

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